• Bay Area city managers highly paid regardless of city size

  • Bay Area police departments say census data on diversity flawed

  • Ranks of Bay Area police departments largely white

  • Bay Area’s hot spot for illegal wood burners: the North Bay

  • California provides scant information to families looking for residential elderly care

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Bay Area city managers highly paid regardless of city size

Is your top local official the $433,000 guy at a medium-sized Bay Area city — that would be Palo Alto — whose compensation dwarfs the cash and benefits of his contemporaries? Or is she the $294,000 top executive in a city more than double the size — think across the bay to Hayward — with […]

Oakland homicides in 2014

Interactive map and database of 2014 Oakland homicides. Read More . . .

UFO sightings in the Bay Area 1949-1968

From 1947 to 1969, the Air Force recorded 12,618 UFO sightings and spent significant resources investigating each claim during an era rife with Cold War paranoia about enemies’ secret weapons. Read More . . .

Military equipment acquired by Bay Area police departments

This database only includes equipment acquired under the Department of Defense 1033 program. Other programs, such as Homeland Security’s Urban Areas Security Initiative, also provide equipment and are not listed here. Read More . . .