Month: August 2014

Bay Area police departments say census data on diversity flawed

Brentwood Police Chief Mark Evenson is the first to acknowledge it — police departments in the Bay Area and across the country can and should be more diverse. “There’s no question that a lot of agencies are predominantly white,” Evenson said. He just wants to make one thing clear: His department isn’t all white. Read […]

Bay Area police departments by ethnicity

Note: Police demographic figures are US Census Bureau 2010 American Community Survey five-year estimates. According to the Census Bureau, “Data are based on a sample and are subject to sampling variability.” – as estimates they may not exactly reflect police demographics. Population demographics are based on 2012 ACS estimates. Read More . . .

Ranks of Bay Area police departments largely white

As the killing of an unarmed black teen by a white cop roils predominantly black Ferguson, Missouri, one of that community’s challenges is replicated even in the highly diverse Bay Area: White police officers disproportionately dominate in cities with large minority populations. More than 83 percent of larger cities in the region have higher percentages […]