• Bay Area city managers highly paid regardless of city size

  • Bay Area police departments say census data on diversity flawed

  • Ranks of Bay Area police departments largely white

  • Bay Area’s hot spot for illegal wood burners: the North Bay

  • California provides scant information to families looking for residential elderly care

San Jose, facing police exodus, already pays top dollar for officers

The toughest case to crack at the San Jose Police Department may be figuring out how to hire more cops when taxpayers already are paying more for their officers than nearly any Bay Area city – even as officers are fleeing for bigger paychecks elsewhere. Read More . . .

BART raises follow similar pay bumps for Bay Area workers, especially in government

During BART’s high-profile labor negotiations, much of the public anger was focused on union workers’ demands for extra pay when they already make some of the highest average salaries in the state. But it turns out the raises they received reflect the wage bumps that other Bay Area government employees already got in the last […]

BART workers’ paychecks already outpace their peers’

While BART and its unions fight over employee pay raises with another strike looming in a week, a new analysis by this newspaper reveals the rail line’s workers already have bigger paychecks than any of their peers. BART workers easily earned the most money on average last year among the 25 largest government agencies in […]

Short landings like Asiana 214 extremely rare

The deadly crash of Asiana Flight 214 in San Francisco not only marked the first time a passenger airliner landed short of the runway in the United States in two decades, but it also has become one of the rarest of aviation accidents in an era when pilots are guided by sophisticated technology in the […]

BART’s top-paid worker of 2012 never worked a day

With a gross salary of more than $333,000, BART’s highest-paid employee last year wasn’t its general manager, police chief or a worker who racked up gobs of overtime scrubbing grime from filthy train seats. It was someone who did no work at all for BART in 2012: Dorothy Dugger, the agency’s former general manager who […]

Oakland Police Department shootings 2000-2013

Between 2000 and this year, Oakland Police have shot at people at least 117 times. This Bay Area News Group map shows individual shootings by date, location, person shot at, what type of weapon was involved and the officer or officers who fired. Click on an icon to call up information on a shooting that […]

Oakland officials need to stop making up statistics out of thin air

Oakland city officials have once again proved that their definition of “90 percent” is “an unknown percentage between 0 and 100, but probably not 90.” Police Chief Howard Jordan said Monday that 90 percent of the city’s crime since summer had been committed by just two gangs. That would have meant those two gangs were […]